Greeting Earthlings!

•March 9, 2012 • 2 Comments

Most children grow up learning the old adage, “Don’t cry over spilled milk.” As a wee critter, I also learned this valuable saying. In my house, we most certainly did not cry over spilled milk. We screamed over spilled milk. We wept oceans of tears over spilled milk. We writhed about in agony and pain over spilled milk. Don’t even get me started on the heart wrenching fits of sheer ruin that would ensue if a speckle of sauce or a dewdrop of diet soda sprayed itself on my mother’s pristine kitchen counters.

If you think your kitchen is clean and organized, it’s probably a slum compared to the ones in which I spent my early days. Every item had its special place, and none of them were ever to be moved. Aside from my mom, Mama Marx as I shall call her, no one was allowed to cook or bake in the kitchen. Even looking at the kitchen for too long was, at the very least, a venial sin.

At the age of 24, I procured my own cooking space, as my husband (then fiance), Eric, and I purchased our first home. Since then, all hell has broken loose. Kitchen counters have been dredged in flour, sauces have flown across the floor, and pieces of chicken have carved out niches for themselves. However, most importantly, some masterpieces have been created. From Christmas duck to Easter lamb to “Fall Festival” faire, creating cuisine has become one of my most treasured hobbies. Writing is another endeavor that I greatly enjoy, so why not combine the two? Another profound interest of mine is sarcasm, so I genuinely hope to infuse a healthy dose of that into this culinary centered child of mine as well.

Of course, if you know my family-unless you are foolish-you know that eating food, in addition to making it, is a love of ours. While plenty of restaurant platters have disappointed, many more have made my taste buds sing harmonious praises of joy. In addition to the array of homemade and professionally prepared cuisine that I’ll be chronicling, wine will be making its way into this blog as well. To return to my ever expanding list of interests, heading out to the wineries has become a bit of an obsession of mine. Both food and wine certainly belong in the “palatine” category!

This rambling was just an introduction, but I’ll leave you with a creation that I’m about to go modify for tonight’s meal. Last week, I made linguini in a spicy marinara sauce with some chunks of crab and onion. I’m heading down a similar path in a few moments, but I’ll be removing the spice and adding in some heavy cream for a delicious pink sauce. Meatless Lenten Fridays have left me craving protein, so I’m eagerly awaiting the crab!